Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Ultimate Canada Day Moment

Taken by Delaire
Being at the cottage on Canada Day weekend is very Canadian.  And this past weekend was spectacular. During the weekend in addition to just having a great time, I have to say I had one hour of pure Canadian bliss.  After a hot day of lazing in the sun, dinner done and the bonfire lit on the beach, I looked out on the water which was like glass with a perfectly full moon rising on one side and a red sky on the other.  I jumped on the board (a windsurfer board which I use as a stand up paddle) and headed out along the bay.  All along the shore were bonfires and laughter of the neighbors we had just met at a get together the night before. The sun went down and the moon got brighter, lighting a path on the water. You feel faster when you paddle in the dark, just as you do when you ski in the dark. There is a type of fish called Cisco that tends to feed on this weekend and it seems they just started while I was out there.  Fish were jumping everywhere. Then the fireworks started, along the shore and further away at a nearby city. I did not want to go in.  It was like I was in another universe.  Cool, very cool.

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