Friday, February 10, 2012

Robbie Burns (again!)

This is a bit late but I thought I'd tell you about this years' Robbie Burns Run in Burlington.
Last year I hit a bit of a wall and accosted people in the last kilometer..."Where is the finish!!!??
Where is the @#//& finish!!!!!?? (Turned out it was just around the corner-I just couldn't see it).
This year I vowed not to do that and tried to pace myself.  I did fine aerobically but my soleus muscle pulled in the last block.  My time was about 10 seconds slower than last year.  I suppose that is ok seeing as I have been training for longer distances and last year I was focusing on the 8 km. Anyhow it is really
all about the costume isn't it?  I almost won best costume by telling everyone I was Robbie Burns number one whore, but lost to the lady in the black cape and crown.  (The crown always gets them)  Anyhow here are the photos:

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