Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hiking Killarney- The Lacloche Silhouette Trail

On June 21st we began hiking the Lacloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney, Ont.  Longest day of the year, most mosquitos of the year.  This is an extremely challenging trail; 80 km.,  with really long climbs.  We did the hike over 6 days, 5 nights which seemed reasonable getting going at about 8:30 most days and taking time to look around and enjoy the spectacular  views, swim if we chose to ( and I always choose to), enjoy short breaks every couple of hours and a nice lunch on a high white peak with a cool breeze. The lakes are a beautiful turquoise colour and perfect for a cool dip after a sweaty day of hiking.We saw more wildlife than I have ever seen in one area.  1 bear, 2 deer, 3 beaver and  a blue heron. We were exhausted when we were done but we capped off our accomplishment with a great plate of fish and chips and a beer.  What more is there?

Here are some things I have learned from this trip:

1.  ALWAYS take an extra water filter or alternate method of filtration.
(our filter became very slow after a particularly pollen filled lake)

2. There are things that can stay home and it might be nice to have a lighter pack
(we have been hiking with packs at 40-45 lbs, but may aim lower next time)

3. If you can, always hike with an expert tarp putter upper.
(Ours was Rick-very useful on our evening of torrential rain)

4. It is all relative.  ( we met someone trying to do the trail in 12 hours- unbelievable!)

5. If you know where the blisters are always going to form, put the moleskin on BEFORE they form!

6.  A bug jacket may look ridiculous but it may save your sanity.

7. It is great to be able to cook and set up camp in full daylight, just difficult to stay awake until it gets dark.

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