Monday, June 9, 2014

Passage Ride 2014- Manitoulin Island

This past weekend we participated in The Passage Ride, an organized bike ride on Manitoulin Island and were pleased to find out it was AWESOME!  Whenever you participate in something like this, you
have worries, (or at least I do)  Will there be mosquitos?  Will it be cold?  Will it be too hot? Will I be too slow? Will I be too fast?  Will there be enough food?  You get the picture. As it turned out, it was perfect.  And it seems that that is mainly due to the organizer, Maja and her devoted helpers.

This group it seems has worked tirelessly to improve cycling on the island and to make Manitoulin a cycling destination.  Their foresight is paying off.  They have a great stretch of  road with paved shoulders and are working toward getting more.

The scenery on Manitoulin is beautiful and interesting as it has rock formations and plants that we may not see down south.  This made the ride so enjoyable  If it is a good workout you're looking for, there are plenty of hills. If you are like my husband, you can go up and down them many times, looking for your wife who is actually way ahead of you.

 Maja  knows how to run an event.  Great food, great music and fantastic scenery.  (ok I know Maja didn't do that last one but if it was necessary, she probably could make it happen. )

I would like to tell you to come next year, but numbers are limited and I need to go again.  But if you must check it out, here is the website.

Enjoying lunch break at Kicking Mule Ranch

Dinner at Maja's fantastic backyard restaurant

Bikes on the ferry

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