Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today I ended up coaching a dragon boat practice which I don't normally do and haven't done for about 8 years.  And during the set up for that practice was a perfect example of the kind of friends to have.
I always choose friends that are in for anything.  "What? you want to go cliff diving?.... I'm in!"
"What?  you want to ride and ostrich?.... I'm in!"
That sort of person.
So today while we were sorting out the dragon boat, and I was very disorganized because of having not done it for a while, my friend Sharon offered to hold the dragon boat while I ran to get a paddle, life jacket etc.  When I cam back, she said "Good."  and walked away from the dragon boat.  I watched her walk away and stood there as the dragon boat began to float down the creek.  By the time I clued in, it was too far to catch.
I was wearing a nice, fairly new pink dress because I was not prepared to coach.  Sharon was dressed more casually, but had already showered after her war canoe practice.  We looked at each other.
I said:  I think I am going to have to go in.  I have no choice."
Sharon said:  Well do you want to go in or do you want me to?"
Background note:  Our creek is muddy, brown and slimy:
I said:  "I want you to."
The words were barely out of my mouth and she had dived in.
That is the kind of friends I have.

Then there is Diane.  She is usually all in. Last winter we were going skiing to Ellicotville;  a bit of a hike but worth it on the special day they have for Canadians with reduced prices.  Diane and Rick planned to come but backed out at the last minute due to the prediction of rain. We went anyway.
It poured and poured.  The night before skiing we sat at the bar until midnight watching a river of rain
run down the main drag.  The next morning we went to the hill as it started to snow.  It snowed all day.
The kind of snow that covers the ground quickly with big fluffy flakes.  By 10 am. we were having the ski day of our life.  And to top it off, hardly anyone was there due to the forecast.
When I told Diane, she was kicking herself and vowed never to do that again.  So Diane and Rick came on the brutal Superior Coastal Trail in the blog entry below.  She dropped in her status for a bit but is right back up there with Sharon again.

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