Monday, July 29, 2013

Survived the Lake Superior Costal Trail (just)

Today is the first day home after hiking the LSCT and maybe the first day of feeling relatively normal: blisters are healing, not hobbling like an old woman etc.

This was not an easy trail.  65 km of the most unbelievably varied terrain, from every type of rock formation imaginable to inland conditions that seemed almost rainforest-like. The bridge was out at Gargantua so we hiked 14 km. to the start.  That was the easy part. Actually,  I have a severe bunion on my right foot so none of it was easy for me.  I spent much of my time wrapping my foot, cooling the pain in Lake Superior or changing from my hiking boots to sandals for a break.

We all fell on the rocks at some time or another and have the bruises to show for it. We were warned by the park staff not to start or continue the trail if it rained and we respected that advise fully.  One misstep and you could be stranded with a sprained or broken ankle.   I stepped on a hornets nest and got bit about 6 times.  My husband was yelling for me to go to the water but if you knew the formidable rock pile that was between me and the water you would understand why I preferred to jump and scream around in the trees.

We thought we were doing a warm up for the West Coast Trail but met 3 hikers going the other way and one fellow said "Oh no- that is a walk in the park compared to this"
I know better than to believe anything now.  They also said we were past the hard part after our 14km/10hr. second day.  But each subsequent day was tough.  Nothing was easy.
I will approach the West Coast Trail with respect and expect those ladders and tides to be a challenge.

It is not that this hike wasn't fun.  We had a blast. The scenery was spectacular and we are so proud of ourselves for completing it.  At least we were until we met our friend's son who had just finished running the Gobi Desert (250 km). Everything is relative....Coastal Trail Photos (including warmup hike photos_

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