Friday, June 3, 2011

The Chicks Do Cabot Trail

Last Saturday I went to Cape Breton Island with a group of Chicks to so the Cabot Trail Relay Race.
.....Best time ever!..... Our team (Chicks running Clicks) has been going to that particular race for a few years so you have the advantage of becoming somewhat of a celebrity as soon as you don your chicken hat. The race is 185 miles and run over 24 hours for 17 legs.  The legs vary from moderately difficult to puke your guts out.  Luckily I had one of the moderately difficult legs because I would not have been able to work this week.  (It already was a lot like Weekend at Bernie's) We had a few roosters on our team, some whom we had never met but they were great sports.  Especially Roland who sat at the Caleigh with his wife and wearing his rooster hat on for 1/2 hour before the rest of the team arrived. It is a bit of a challenge supporting your team,  making the starts and following your runner without racking up penalty points. (There are many rules). We also had a water station at the top of North Mountain.  The theme was The North Pole Dancers.  The chicks dressed as northern animals (polar bears, walrus, puffin, penguin- and yes we know penguins are only at the south pole.) The Coastbusters, another team from Toronto had agreed to help us out for the water station.  Help?  They totally outshone us!  They were working the stripper poles like no tomorrow- they had choreographed a complete routine. Yay for the Coastbusters! So I have a few photos but I am sure there are more out there.  I will put more up as I get them.  Sorry none of the water station yet.  Chicks Running Clicks Slide show (Cabot Trail Relay Race)

This video says it all.  Check out the smiles on everyone's face!

Oh yes, just an addendum.  My run went great.  I was pretty happy with it except for the re-injury of my leg muscle/tendon from 2 weeks prior which occurred 2 km from the finish.  I limp-ran to the finish with all kinds of of encouragement from co-runners.  Also I discovered that it didn't hurt so much with stilettos on.  My trusty support team ran them out to me and I quickly slipped 'em on. Made for an impressive finish.  I would recommend it to anyone with a calf injury.  I am going to rest from running for a good 4 weeks now and then think about tackling a half marathon.

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