Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cabot Trail Here I Come!

Oh-my-God- Do you think it's too late to drop out?!!
After standing on the edge of the Chicks and Dicks (or Chicks running Clicks as they really call themselves) team for the Cabot Trail race for quite some time now, I have decided to take
the plunge and go for it.  After all, who knows how much longer this old body will be able to run?  And if you are going to submit pain and suffering to your body for hours on end, why not do it in one of the most beautiful places in the world? Luckily so far, I have leg 8, one of the easier legs but I am prepared that things can change and I hope to be ready if that happens.

I usually only run to supplement my regular training but I am getting right into the whole training thing.
I have downloaded a plan from a helpful website, borrowed a gps from my daughter and am trying to stay on track.  I love the gadgets and devices that make this kind of thing easier. Sometimes I feel like I can run forever with my ipod. Having a gps to run with to alert you if your pace drops is so helpful!  Especially if it keeps me from hitting a wall 1/4 mile from the finish.  The creme de la creme was the new treadmill at the gym I work out at.  It has the softest running surface ever and all kinds of programs that you can put in like the Cooper Test which just happens to be the test our team does each spring before we get on the water.  This treadmill almost makes it so you don't want to go outside. Check it out at this link:  Woodward Treadmills     These treadmills are apparently not cheap but if you can find one at a gym, you will love it.

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