Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hungary (Budapest & Canoe/Kayak races)

Just returned from Hungary and back to work so finally have time to tell the story.   Here are some things I have learned about Hungary:

1. Many of the people, especially the men are giants.  I spent much of my time trying to squeeze between their legs so I could catch my bus to the races.

2. All words in Hungarian,  even prepositions, contain a minimum of 18 letters

3. Most beautiful old buildings in Budapest have been "blowed up"  at least twice

4. Most bridges in Budapest have been "blowed up" at least three times.

5. The food sucks.

6. The Hungarian people love canoe/kayak and particularly like to watch it with very little clothes on

7. Budapest is clean, beautiful and feels very safe

Castle District
Parliament Buildings

We bought a Hungarian phrasebook  for the trip and discovered that it was pretty racy.  
Here is an example:

"Oh my God! That's Great!  Easy Tiger" -uristen! ez-nagyon-jo!-csak lassan!

There is plenty more where that came from.  If you are looking for  a lesson on good things to say during sex, buy the lonely planet phrasebook.

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